Full House Bingo

Full House Group Bingo has been developed to help you boost your numbers during the morning and lunchtime period while encouraging a new group of patrons to visit your venue and take advantage of your facilities. We also provide a nighttime Bingo product designed to appeal to a younger demographic.

Full House Group Bingo offers a whole range of features and benefits, including:

-          Increased patronage during quiet periods

-          Creating venue loyalty amongst patrons, great for return visitation

-          Jackpots mean patrons will return on a weekly basis

-          Low cost, measurable promotion with high perceived value

-          Free to play, attracts a regular crowd

-          Repeat visitation outside bingo tournaments

-          Bingo Reward cards drive spend

-          Differentiate your venues from your competitors

-          Run daily or nightly events to appeal to different demographics

-          Provide a great free entertainment option at your venue

-          Build your venue database

-          Full Point of Sale packages

-          Run by a friendly and experienced host who will supply all equipment